What is a labeling machine?


Today, no 1-on a successful, large organisation that operates in the area of trade, cannot do without the trade of high-tech equipment, which greatly simplifies the process of selling and buying different products.

In stores brand for all products used labels, which indicate all the necessary information on the product (manufacturer, composition, date of manufacture, shelf life, etc.). The buyer is unlikely to want to purchase goods where there is no label, afraid to buy expired or poor quality product.

Without label goods only sell at markets and fairs, but major supermarket chains in this plan have long been many steps ahead, thanks to the use of labeling machines.

these devices operate automatically and are used for sticking labels on different surfaces, for example, cartons, plastic and glass bottles, cans, etc. a Vivid example of this device is the bottle.

Also there is another labeling equipment, which is used to issue labels for different products (brand labels, tax stamps). No 1-trade organization that wants to draw attention to his own product, can't do without labeling equipment, that is why today it is so popular.


varieties of labeling equipment:

  • Line labeling equipment is 1 of the most popular machine for the gluing and the production of labels of different sizes and shapes on the surface of the product. Linear machines work on this principle, the packaging moves along speckenmeyer, which performs in this case the function of the conveyor. This equipment is used cold labeling;
  • Rotary (roller) labeling equipment has higher productivity, and better technical parameters than linear. This equipment works on the principle: packing containers of different sizes independently moves in a circle around the installation for application of labels (in other words works on the principle of the carousel).

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