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with respect to construction the floor drain, means the forced diversion of groundwater from a particular area or surface. During the construction of buildings and buildings are often the site need to osasivat with the purpose, so that underground water does not violate the stability of the structure as a whole and its Foundation in particular. By the way, if you need the prices of this service you can watch on the website: plast-project.ru.

with Regard to the crop, the word drainage, means a system of wells, canals, etc., which contributes to the drainage of the soil.


In some cases need a drain?

to Arrange the soil drainage is necessary if:

  • the soil is loamy or clayey;
  • the level of groundwater is about 1 m from the earth's surface.

why is it necessary To drain?

mobile Soil, saturated soil moisture. That is why the Foundation of the building sometimes in the offseason, able to make progress, with the result that the walls begin to crack, doors and Windows to warp, in the basement or the basement may appear water.

Material of the Foundation, which is located in the constant moisture leads to fungus, which is fast enough destroys house design made of wood. And to get rid of the fungus, not eliminate the cause - it is impossible.

In this case it is necessary to do the Foundation drainage and diversion of water that flows down from the roof when melting snow and rain directly to the drainage system.

Also, the drainage area is required if soil is kept moist, and the puddles after a summer rain do not dry for a long time. The excess moisture rather negatively affects the development and growth of cultivated plants.


types of drainage

do Drainage in 3 cases:

  • for rainwater and groundwater from basements, foundations, and basements;
  • when removal from the water phase, in the case of marshy soil;
  • with the withdrawal of snow and rain water from the roof of the structure, by installing a gutter system.

Drainage is of 2 types:

  • open:
  • closed.

On the constructive characteristics of the drainage is:

  • line;
  • dot;
  • underground;
  • internal.

All types of drainage carry out a specific role in the removal of excess water from the house or from the site. Often used a couple of its varieties.

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