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work abroad for consumation in Ukraine, known only to those who directly went through it, somehow was linked to her and their close environment. Very popular , where the travel incomes for many of our compatriots. From time to time out of the transmission or the article about the terrible fate of people who went to work abroad... And all this happens directly from a lack of information on the topic. And in trouble, in fact, you can easily get involved in Ukraine, if you don't have a head on their shoulders.

the media constantly criticizes women who go to for a better life and work abroad. But whatever it was, pobednik risk persons you can meet in everyday life: they graduate, become choreographers, translators, work in travel agencies, successfully marry, start their own business... With all this, few of them fond memories that were previously associated with consumation or hostess work abroad. This is because for most people it's much easier just to go with the flow, not make something weird and new, to think in stereotypes than to try to understand this new, to make some unconventional move, to venture out and try a change of scenery and to go to work abroad in a nightclub...

the Reward for the ability to take a risk and mental alertness will be a free opportunity to see the world, good pay, learning foreign languages, new experiences and sensations chance to marry a foreigner, etc.


What is the consummation?

the word consumption comes from the English. "consumation", which translated consumption. In work women is part of the conversation with the client during which the client orders the girl and meals (drinks). For all that the client bought personally for the woman, she then gets an agreed %.

a Customer comes to the club to have fun - he's having a cocktail, watching a show and by the club Manager asked the girl he liked to join him. Women with choreographic training can attract the attention during the dance performance. And those girls who does not dance, or their performance has ended, as if on business from time to time stroll gracefully through the hall. With all this hooked independently to the customers is not!

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