Features of acrylic baths


Now, along with traditional steel and iron baths huge market share data of plumbing fixtures is acrylic bathtubs. In the web you can find a lot of information about the pros and cons of acrylic baths, but whatever it was on their account, there is no consensus.

Some people say that the bath of acrylic is the best option among all available in the market, others believe that to mount such a bath can only be the case if other baths are not suitable.

As you know, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Acrylic bathtubs are a great option for any dwelling. For example, it is durable and has a very attractive appearance, it is able to satisfy even the most refined taste. What is acrylic bathtub?


General information

Acrylic tub (which the name implies) is made from acrylic based polymer spec. substances). There are 2-ve manufacturing technology of acrylic baths, and as a result, all acrylic bathtubs are divided into 2 Islands:

  • the cast;
  • Extruded.

the Plasticity of a material such as acrylic allows manufacturers to make him tubs of different sizes and shapes, which is why it is used for the manufacture of designer bathtubs.

For greater strength acrylic bathtubs cover the outside with epoxy resin and mounted on a special frame made of metal.


Main "+" of acrylic baths

Despite the large list of "-", often outweigh it "+" of acrylic baths, namely:

  • these baths are not afraid of damage to the enamel, which is the beach baths of cast iron, and steel;
  • these baths retain heat well, which is why the water that is poured into the bath from acrylic stays warm much longer;
  • these tubs are very easy to clean (of course, if they are made of high quality acrylic). In the majority of cases there will be enough to rinse a bath with warm water and wipe dry;
  • the Design of these baths is much more diverse than the design of the bathtubs made of cast iron and steel.

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