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the Purchase of an orthopedic mattress is a very responsible and serious business. Mattress it needs to be useful, comfortable, and behind him of the money paid.

How to recognize a mattress you need and what you should pay attention when buying what we tell the employee of regional representation of the company "ASKON": where can you buy quality Swedish orthopedic .


the rigidity of the mattress

There are 3 levels of mattress hardness: semihard, hard and soft. If a person has no spine, it is best to purchase a semi-hard mattress. These mattresses are suitable for almost all people, the main thing that to You it was comfortable. A hard mattress is best to buy people who have severe pain, scoliosis or intercostal hernia. Scoliosis any stage you should also choose a mattress harder. A soft mattress is better to buy people with low weight and the elderly.



it is Better to choose a mattress with filler, such as foam with memory effect. These mattresses are able to take the form of the human body, which they bear provides comfort in all positions. But in this case there are limitations: this mattress it is necessary to choose in the case if a person is very rarely turned over, and sleeping peacefully all night, and if he's moving around and very often change their own position during the night, then this mattress will never fit him. It is better to buy a hard mattress.


a Mattress with springs or bezprozvanny?

By and large, to buy a mattress with springs or bezprozvanny - a private affair of each person. So, if the mattress has a quality spring unit, from a medical point of view there are absolutely no restrictions on its use. Springless mattress is better to buy, if it will sleep 1-in person, and if 2-spring-VA. The most important thing in a double mattress is that it springs did not respond to the difference in the weight of sleeping on it. Whatever double mattress You choose, the most important here, in order to both sleeping not pushed towards each other and exactly lying.

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