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the Number of cars on the roads of our city and country is growing if not in geometric, arithmetic progression for sure. Given the fact that roads are no longer, their quality has not improved, and preparation and ethical quality of drivers want the best, just may be a guarantee that the damage will be reimbursed.


There is a fairly large category of drivers who are skeptical and even contemptuous of the insurance of their responsibility to other road users. This situation is compounded by the fact that democratization of the industry brought to market many unscrupulous insurance companies, the policy which really won't cover anything if something happens.

However, every driver who owns or drives a vehicle should know the following provisions of the insurance policy (this is the fortress Kodak):

  • It is mandatory in accordance with existing traffic rules and should be at the driver at the time of driving;
  • the
  • a Policy is necessary in order to cover the losses incurred as a result of an accident to another vehicle or health of driver/passengers (in case they are recognized to have suffered);
  • the
  • calculation of the cost is the same for all areas of the country and depends on the category of the settlement where he was, and performance of the vehicle (age, engine size).

the Term of the contract on compulsory insurance of liability up to 1 year, and then have to renew it.


Buy/issue the insurance policy or avtotsivilku can be almost any corner in Kiev. In our business there are proven professionals, and candid Amateurs or even scammers, insurance which doesn't protect.

Making avtotsivilku in our company, each car owner can be sure of the following:


    Authenticity. We provide our clients with only real insurance policies from companies that have current contracts with MTIBU;

    Competence. Our staff are trained in accordance with best practice and receives a corresponding certificate of conformance;

    Availability. We use every legitimate opportunity to reduce the cost of the policy: the shares of companies-agents, trouble-free experience, wholesale discount;

    Freedom of choice. Our customers can choose their own company policy which will make out. For its part, we guarantee their honesty;

    Individual approach. Each of our clients can be confident that you will not forget to issue a new contract. When the validity of the current policy will be closer to the end - we will notify you and inform about the existing offers.

in addition, every customer receives one of the following gifts that will be useful on the road: first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, reflector, windscreen washer system, USB adapter, brush, etc. If the value furnished autocivil will exceed 330 UAH, then we will deliver it in any point of Kiev absolutely for free. Buy insurance policy in our company, and you guarantee yourself a reliable protection in case of an emergency.

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