Acrylic bathtubs

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the Era of cumbersome old technology goes down in history. To replace cast iron, unpresentable accessories come innovation , which is much easier technologically traditional, have a contemporary design and content. A wide variety of such plumbing fixtures are available for every visitor of our shop.

Cast iron vs acrylic

it's No secret that the cast iron used in traditional baths are very durable and reliable material. But for manufacturing requires the creation of complex foundry system, the weight of the finished product is very solid. This feature causes some difficulties in the installation process. In addition, the need to observe the mode of operation, since cast iron is sensitive to temperature: if the hot bath, splash cold water - she may just crack.

Some of these disadvantages kompensiruet for use as a material for bathroom acrylic. This is a special polymer, which allows the use of the technology of casting and extrusion in the manufacturing process. The finished tub is more lightweight, for it can be unique, different from the traditional design (due to the plasticity of the polymer).
as a result of vacuum forming a layered composite product (up to 5-6 mm thick), which for hardening reinforced with fiberglass, polyester resin, frame made of metal.

Advantages and disadvantages

Since we are dealing with a new product on the market, it just have to be their pros and cons. The advantages of acrylic baths include:


    the Wealth of shapes and sizes. This is achieved through the properties of the acrylic and manufacturing technology; the

  • tactile sensation. The surface more pleasant to the touch, not slippery (possibly surface fins), perfectly maintains temperature environment;
  • - Resistant coating. Corrosion affecting the metal here is absolutely powerless. The color does not change with time. The surface is resistant to bacterial microflora, detergents,

    Maintainability. In the case of cracking or chipping it is possible to resolve on their own.

have such baths and disadvantages:


    Fragility. A bath is easily damaged by any hard or sharp object;

    the Instability of forms. Over time, the multilayer structure may be deformed, and therefore needs additional metal frame;

    Price. Despite the development of technology, acrylic bath is still more expensive than cast iron.


All the equipment that you can buy in our shop meets the highest quality criteria, however we provide our clients with the opportunity to verify this. Any choosing an acrylic bath is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:


    wall Thickness. It is possible to define the cross section of the folded edge or end surface of the drain. This is the main criterion affecting the stability of the shape of the bathroom. Recommended is the thickness in the range of 6-8 mm, but some manufacturers even reduce it to 4 mm, cheaper products; the

  • Thickness of reinforcement. It can be defined the same as in the previous case. This layer should be sufficient, especially on the bottom and the sides;
  • dimensions. Products made of acrylic are different from the standard and this should be considered, to avoid problems with the installation;

    Frame. Preference is given to the frame design as it increases the longevity of the bath.

Knowing these simple rules, you will easily be able to choose quality acrylic tub. This will help you, the specialists of our shop.

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