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going to the toilet is as much an integral part of human life as a dream. Only in the second case, the accumulation/recovery of energy reserves, and in the first getting rid of the ballast. One of the trends on the modern sanitary market is a different design and scheme of work, which can be easily purchased in our store.

the Pros and cons of the system

Modern trends of interior design clearly relate to the issues of construction of toilets. It offers new solutions for the installation and construction, in which suspension system is the best fit. Perhaps the main difference between traditional options of toilets is the lack of all the excess, that is powerful pedestal and the cutting eyes of the tank with water. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages, which should speak openly.

To the obvious advantages of wall mounted toilets include:


    the Expansion of operational spaces. In contrast to fixed the toilet, the outboard version doesn't occupy space on the floor that simplifies cleaning, construction of auxiliary utilities (for example, floor heating, hard flooring;

    New solutions in design. The lack of tank makes a bathroom or washroom is a bit unusual, and it frees your hands in the adoption of innovative design solutions;

    No external communications. Tank, connecting pipes, fittings all of these essential elements of the usual toilet are now on special installations, which is hidden in the wall (behind the false panels). On view is only the toilet bowl.

However, there are such solutions and their drawbacks:


    Price. The need for additional installations increases the cost of ready-made solutions in comparison with standard floor;

    the Complexity of installation and maintenance. This is perhaps the main drawback, since all the engineering content of the system is hidden behind a privacy wall, which if anything have to be disassembled;

    Extra space. Due to the fact that the installation unit is hidden behind the wall, visually and really space or bathroom will decrease.


the Decision in favor of the innovative suspension system must not be unfounded. In the selection process need to consider the objective features of the space toilet and bathroom.

Pay attention to the following factors:

  • Material. For manufacturing can be applied to the sector's traditional porcelain (more precisely, sanitary porcelain) and faience and a few unusual glass, composites, plastics, polymer concrete, etc. Each of them has operational and decorative characteristics;
  • Form. The traditional "egg" may not impress the sophisticated connoisseur of modern art but it will definitely be a more practical solution than angular and intricate designs; the

  • Schema plum. Modern hanging toilets, which can be purchased in our store, using circular flushing, which, though complicates the design of the bowl, but allows for a more clean surface.

Modern suspension systems for toilets and bathrooms from our shop will allow you to create your house a totally new concept that allows, moreover, easy to care for equipment and to save resources.

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