Apostille scho TSE tak I navso VIN Patran?


If VI shkolina s problem legaltech documents for nadanna h in derzhavni NSA General description of the country, then VI povinn razumeti scho dwellers h legalsuite, you should know postaviti on them a special stamp, that nazivaetsa apostille. He dіє Yak sprosen form legaltech documents in Cranach Gasko convents with 1961, and without tsogo stamp VSI vashi document for Nosema - TSE just beautiful papirets, yaky not got Nacho yuridichno Seeley.

Chi potreben get an apostille?

Legalsize document need not tilki in addition vipadku, yakscho mizh Ukrainoiu kranou, kudi VI Priamure, there is the toll-dogovr C, yaky not wymaga legalthis document. Also, in Cranach, yaki not yea members Gasko convents, apostille, not what diskim, to better christinia procedure konsulsko legaltech documents.

Apostille - TSE sprosen form legalze your documents, and , in the main to provide for notarialna copies, ale takozh mozliwe postavlena and on orignal. Postaviti Danian stamp perhaps in declick reigning authorities, whichever from a document type. For example, the apostille on orignal Swedish about narodzhennya Chi club appears in Rags (by the way, in CIV postaviti of apostil on documents of the civil REGISTRY Vit can Bureau perekladu: ), and the diploma on higher education postavlyaetsya from reigning cluib s naglyadu have sper osti I science.

Apostille VI-postaviti on sluuts document:

  • notarialna secen COP whether yakih documents;
  • notarialna secen document (zgodi, doruchennya, and also declared);
  • notarialna sasti cap resonantly documents;
  • notarialna copy posven Voda;
  • document, that zacut trudovi experience;
  • vypiska iz overseas, and also typical pasportu;
  • notarialna a copy overseas, and also typical pasportu;
  • orignaly documents about higher education (dowdy, atestate, diploma and others);
  • document legal. osib, yaki seven derzhavni restration (Swedish about restrac, and also statement on podatkowy oblik, Statute and others);
  • orignaly document registry (Swedish about club, I narodzhennya);
  • sudov rsena s vddo about nabanna secondo Seeley.

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