What is best siding to choose for his bath?


in order to cover a steam most good option is lining of softwood and hardwood. But in order to make the right choice, it is necessary, first, to see the main properties and characteristics of each kind of wood.


Paneling for a bath of lime

Very often, in order to carry out the finishing of walls and floors applies Linden: this paneling for bath the ideal candidate to make a clearance. The lining itself is a little soft, and warms up very quickly, but it never burns the skin. This is due to the fact that it is inherent low thermal conductivity, and it is for the bath plays an important values. By the way, if you are interested in more information about her visit: http://zapahdereva.com.ua/ru/text/vagonka/lipa.html.


aspen: what to look for when buying?

When purchasing be sure to pay attention to 2 main points. The boards must be characterized so that there will be no knots, because otherwise it burns you to escape did not succeed. The presence of the resin is unacceptable, even minimal, because it will lead to breathing difficult. Great paneling aspen is always carefully sorted and at the highest level of finished material.


Molded alder: features

No less important, the lining of alder, because it is the raw material in order to produce products of European quality. Very popular black alder, which has received (for its noble shade of pink) the title of Royal wood .

Alder does not have any knots and practically does not require sanding, but its structure is resistant to deformation. Also important is the fact that she is not afraid of negative influence of water and steam, which helps make it indispensable for the implementation of plating baths and saunas. Often many buyers are attracted by the beautiful coloring palette this lining colors always vary from pale to deep pink and red.

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