Typical damage to the washing machine


What to do if the failed washing machine? To wash hands? To buy a new one? Or, you may contact the service center? The latter option would be preferable both in financial terms and in terms of comfort. Next, we consider the most frequent breakdown of the machines and tell us about it specialist company remtechservice.kiev.ua in which you can order . And so:

  • Water is not discharged. The washer may stop during operation with a full tank, and draining of water does not occur. This can occur through a clogged filter or a pump that has failed. Sometimes the washer drains the water directly to the rinse, but when pressed it does not. And it happens that the washer works fine only occasionally;
  • During the spin cycle noise. After some time the washing machine during the spin cycle begins to rattle. The sound may even be as in jet aircraft. This can be caused by wear of the bearing. To determine exactly can only be a specialist;
  • Water filled. Initially, it is necessary to check whether the water in the washing machine. You need to check whether there is water in the cold water, not covering the water tap, is not broken if the lock button lock, lock the door of the machine. Often, the water does not flow through the fault of the heating element or inlet valve;
  • Water transmission. This fault occurs very often. For the diagnosis it is necessary to the door of the machine to lean your hand. If after the start of the wash in about 15-20 min. the glass door of the washing machine was warm - this means that the heating element is functioning. If the glass is cold, then it may well be that a burned out heater. Often, the machine gives the error code directly when you turn on the hot water. It happens that out of order control module or relay in the water level. And there are those cars that blur even with the broken heating element;
  • Module management. Failure of this module is very unpleasant. It is far often the case through the surplus electronics in the machines and the volatility of power grids, electronic module incapacitate surges directly in the work washing cars;
  • does Not rotate the drum. This failure often occurs when a broken drive belt the drum or when reloading the washing machine (direct drive - not exposed to this).

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