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Sooner or later, every real man have a question about building your own home. Someone dreams about a luxurious Villa. two-story cottage, and some fairly small house of 70 - 100 m2. Everything is a matter of taste and available budget. But anyway, all people need to choose the material from which they will build their future housing. Most popular today are the building materials, such as wood, brick, and concrete. It is about the latest we will discuss in this article. By the way, in the river to buy aerated you can .


Why buy a concrete and structured a house out of it?

a couple of years ago as ordinary people and specialists in the field of construction, would give to this question is exactly the same answer: it is worth buying because it is cheap. Today the situation has changed dramatically. And the thing is that this material is very warm and that is why it is worth paying close attention. Concrete has amazing conductivity, and with every day become even more popular and useful.


General specifications of aerated concrete

As you think: just to live in a seasonal climate? We tried to find a compromise in the selection of waterproofing systems, construction materials, insulation and heating. Do not forget also about the cost of construction, which in article 21 is of paramount importance. So is there really a reasonable compromise? Of course. Just need to prioritize and to understand what you want from the finished building: do you need a beautiful box, passing which everyone will admire, or you need a comfortable house in which to relax after a hard day.

Concrete is most popular construction material, if you will consider it as an additional insulating layer and also as the basis for the construction of the building due to low thermal conductivity. Obita in this building, you will feel comfortable in the cold and in the heat. In addition to such a great performance, the house is still cheap. But, it is and "-": it's very light, and it's means that must somehow compensate for the shortcomings of the carrying capacity. But is it possible to remove this "-"? Yes, you can. Now new technology has adapted to the modern realities, and every man who wants to build housing, will be able to use them.

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