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the Issuance and sale of precast concrete rings is able to bring stable, decent income for a long time, and if to be exact, all my life, because in the modern world the construction is gaining momentum every day. Why you need sump W/W rings? Laying of pipelines and sewers and the construction of wells, without this details is simply impossible.


how to start your own business?

About the organization of production, we will tell the employee that zanimaetsya manufacture and installation of reinforced concrete rings in Kharkov. Initially, you need to know about the competitors. If they are small, so you are free to run their own business. To do this:

  • to register IE or LLC;
  • when you purchase concrete you need to ask the manufacturer a certificate of quality and on the basis of already filled in directly your certificate;
  • best manufacture of reinforced concrete rings start in the early spring since this time and ending with December, they are most in demand. And in winter, the producers implement the product that was left.

How to organize the production of concrete rings?

  1. the manufacture of reinforced concrete rings directly from the choice of a place. In this case, there should be no difficulties. You can produce them even in the street. For this you need a flat platform area: 20 m2. If you're going to produce a reinforced ring inside the building, then you will need to pay attention to the height of the room. She should be above 5 m;
  2. the Following is a selection of equipment. You will need to rent or to buy: different shapes for bottoms, lids and rings, trowel, concrete mixer, vibrator, shovel, and a zinc bucket;
  3. For loading and moving the finished product, you must lifting device;
  4. supplies. They serve: a road grid with cells, fittings for hooks, concrete, polyethylene and a lubricant;
  5. Working. Initially, it is necessary to hire 3 specialists. 1-the day they can do around 20 products.

Sale of precast concrete rings

In any other kind of business enough to put an ad or ads in the newspaper and Internet about your proposed product, but in the case of W/b rings all exactly the opposite. Here you need to be very active to look for customers. You also need to remember and the competitors are also actively doing it. Therefore, in order not to lose customers, it is best to only enter into long-term contracts for delivery.

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