What is laser cutting?


If you are looking for a method which would create an inexpensive and accurate products from various sheet material, then laser cutting is what you searched for. Using this method, you can not restrain your imagination in check. Laser cutting can help to turn your ideas into reality. The quality of the resulting product and at the time of manufacture, this technology is simply not comparable with machining, plasma cutting and punching.


Main "+" laser cutting machine:

  • the Manufacture of large and small numbers;
  • the material is not a mechanical action, as a result, there is the possibility of cutting of the most delicate and fragile source;
  • Layout reproduced by a computer with perfect accuracy;
  • You can create a model of any complexity;
  • responsive design you can receive your order the same day, when asked for;
  • Great savings of material (sometimes even non-waste cutting), which is possible thanks to the thinnest cutting width and high-density projection of the source onto the sheet;
  • Very high quality of finished products. This is possible due to the smooth cut, which provides a laser beam;
  • there is No need for additional processing.

Principal works:

  • ;
  • laser cutting plastic;
  • laser cutting rubber;
  • laser cut Plexiglas;
  • laser cut cardboard and other materials.

Where to use laser cut?

Today it is the only technology that allows to achieve the perfect slice quality. Focused laser beam which has an adjustable power provides smooth and accurate cut for the widest range of sheet material.

Modern laser cutting equipment will help you to implement various ideas:

  • the production of Souvenirs;
  • create indexes, and plates;
  • advertising projects (templates, stencils, letters, and signage);
  • the manufacture of various decorative items for interior design of various premises;
  • the manufacture of exclusive premium products, etc.

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