Membran pump and Wilden


Yak winnik pneumatycznych nasasv s podvijnogo diaphragm, Wilden Pump Engineering Co. vypustiv Perche taqiy pump in 1955 year. Rozvytok for this reason technology triva I Donin. Today Wilden proponu wide assortment: .



Technology: Padini membrane porshnevie Ob mini pump scho to operate due stisnjeni powtran.


  • potik Regulowany I tisk;
  • Pidhodit for transportowana materials, calleva to rassheplenia;
  • Totuutta BLS hard of castingi;
  • Zahist od dry fly;
  • Mauger pracowali z zakrytym valve;
  • Portativny I zaglebi;
  • Easy vicorian I have obslugovuvannya;
  • Mezhi temperature whichever od material od: - 51 C to 176 C;
  • Certifcate CE, ATEX, FDA, USDA, 3A, EHEDG (whichever from the pump type).

Waranty system management:

  • Pro-Flo TM. Patented Air management system the Pro-Flo has got only three ruhlig, Chastain. To male carouche surface of the piston bezpereryvno podatsa stannane air, in one hour Yak air scho to nahodit s blso surface stages regulyacii through the valve. System control air has got maksimalno natinst;
  • Pro Flo X. System management Air Pro-Flo X je modernday systems management Pro-Flo Pro Flo I. V. Novyi type of efektivnosti management system (EMS), Pro-Flo X zabezpiecze do newgame knuckle in pneumatycznych membrannyh pumps from stisnjeni powtran. The EMS zapatentovana yea sorry I have a slight vikoristannya. When povorot controller drive EMS can regulate number of donovana I vartist air - rune dozy to maximum or from maximum efektivnosti dwellers sniziti bitrate virobnictva. Pro-Flo X zabezpiecze more visoco energetico efektivnosti I knuckle, Yak mozhna poravnati s galuzevij standards, but for nizhchoyu cnou;
  • Accu-FloTM. System management powtran Accu-FloTM s vikoristannyam 2/4-way valve elektromagnitnogo s pruginin piston. Swidth go upravlautsa stown through elektricni nulls. Pump Accu-FloTM working analogno how typical diaphragm pump smennaja pattern of ABO wastnage signal.

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