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do you think what Microsoft OS is best? The world was captivated by the PC and various computer equipment. Today it is practically impossible to come across a house in which there is only a 1-in PC. If we are talking about different mobile gadgets, the predominant number of their owners do not think what operating system installed on them.

But if we are talking about desktop PCs and laptops, but the majority of their owners know that their PC's operating system is Windows, though not always know what it is. However, there are those users who know what Windows XP, 7 - 10, and Vista are not just a logo on the desktop. One miss already about not supported OS Windows XP and the other is chasing another buggy Windows 10.

the Advanced user will tell you that absolutely no one misses OS, Windows Vista, as that just came out. Now seriously, you can argue only about the differences between OS Windows 7 and Windows 8. Those users who find it difficult to change your habits, choose 7-well, by the way, you can buy on the website besthard.ru. Those users interested in a lot of software titles in OS Windows choose 8-ku. And if you take the basic functionality, it is almost no different.

7 use much longer, and this means that it found and fixed more bugs, however the development of 8 key Microsoft team came up considering acquired in all previous years experience. So in the dispute which Windows is better to install it on my PC, the main argument is a matter of habit and taste.


Windows XP

It's the OS family of Windows NT from Microsoft. She saw the light 25.10.2001 g. is the development of Windows 2000 professional. Title Windows XP comes from the word experience, experience, experience). This version windowed OS was the most used OS to access the global web in the whole world is 08.04.2014 08.2012 g., Microsoft has discontinued support for this OS, and as a result, it eventually completely disappear.


Windows Vista

the sale of the OS for normal users started 30.01.2007, This OS has taken 1st place in the contest a Failure .


Windows 7

In fact, this OS is an improved version of Vista with bug fixes and performance optimization. It went on sale 22.10.2009 g. Support for this OS without service packs made up 9.04.2013.


Windows 8

The OS went on sale on 26.10.2012 By statisticheski data, 01.2014, the share of this OS was just over 10 percent.


Windows 10

Users of this version of Windows had a chance to create a few desktops and switch between them.

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