A freelance translator or a translation Agency?

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Boom translation industry was caused by the rapid development of international business. A huge number of firms to perform translations prefer to draw in other organizations and do not want to create their own translation departments, thereby giving more money and time to conduct their own business.

In the world there are a huge number of translation providers, which are often divided into for freelance translators and translation agencies. But then the question arises: whom to choose? This is what we tell the officer, "Translated Peter."

the benefits of 1-St and 2-nd hand

Often, the cost of the transfers, which make freelance translators lower than that of the translation, since neither the translator nor the client do not need to pay intermediaries. However, in this case there is one "but" - the quality of completed translations may not be at a sufficiently high level, and the customer to whom the services are required urgently or need transfer huge volume will not check the experience and the efficiency of a freelancer. But in translation you can be 100% sure.

Professional periodicheskoe Bureau can offer you competitive prices and at the same time ensure high quality of translation. Ie you get exactly what you paid for. Remember: if the price of the services of a freelancer is very low, there is a chance to get a very poor translation. And translation Bureau, unlike the translators, will do the translation of excellent quality at an affordable price.

Dear translation always sufficiently account for the translation team. Strict testing pass both written and oral interpreters.

All members of the team are:

  • diplomas of international practices and courses;
  • certificates
  • specialized higher education;
  • experience with translations of legal, technical medical, and other topics.

Periodicheskie Bureau can ensure the quality of our services because we are confident in the skill and knowledge of its employees, the accuracy and adequacy of translations made. In addition, the translation Bureau provides additional services (editing, proofreading text,apostille, etc.).



As you can see, periodicheskogo Bureau has more opportunities to offer their customers periodicheskie high quality services than freelancers.

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