How to become a real football player


Football is a team game, where you play not for individual awards or titles, but to win the whole team. On the football field, players need to be real team - friends who always will help to pick up the ball from the opponent or pass the ball to score the winning goal. This is very important, but unfortunately, some players forget about it.


How to win at football?

In a world of many football teams, and each has its own tactics to win this: someone very strong goalkeeper, someone protection, and someone very strong line of attack. But all this will not be important when all players will not play as a team. By the way, if you are interested in more information about him you can find on the website:

Even a weak team from team play to win strong, in which players will play every man for himself. The most important element in football is the coach that must teach team play, team spirit, respect for the opponent. Fortunately, today in our country there are a lot of good coaches who can help all children and even adults become a real football player. The most important thing is to find him.


do I Love to watch and play football?

for example, I love to play and watch football. One of my favorite teams is Shakhtar and Barcelona. I like all the tactics of the game, team spirit, players and, of course, a team game, although the tactics are really different - they are very interesting. In my opinion, these teams are some of the best in the world. Many people asked me Who my favorite player? - I always answer: I don't Have one favorite player because I like playing a lot of players. Football is played in many countries of the world, so the best one to choose is almost impossible. Although this award as the Golden ball, awarded annually to the best player of the year. According to my calculations now rekortmeni this award is Lionel Messi he had 5 of them. So the best player in the world is Lionel Messi.

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