Wasps: why are they dangerous


people say: if a lot of wasps in the summer - expect serious, snowy, long winter. It seems this winter have to sleep in a wool cover, because pesky insects are everywhere: circling around the market stalls with peaches and watermelons, climb into jars of jam, drowning in the banks or with the compote and sting people. OSA and an apartment in the city can fly if the Windows are not hanging mosquito net.

it Is fruit season. And the fruits (or rather, sugar and fiber are part of them) attract these insects. Nearby places where they can make money, equip jacks. If flies over his head Roy, it means a wasp's nest somewhere nearby. You can burn, but this should be done at night, while the insects are sleeping. Also keep in the house, in the yard.

don't place on the table of Apple cores, seeds from the fruit. If you spilled juice or juice, immediately wipe. Daily spend wet cleaning. To wash the floor with water and adding bleach. Will not do - will not only wasps, but other insects (particularly flies, which carry infection) .

No OS repellents do not work. Not afraid even of the smell of ammonia (so do not be surprised if you go into the village in a wooden toilet, and there they swarm circling). Wasp stings, if it senses danger. For example, if you step or sit on it, attack the nest, take away food, start to drive away. The sharp smell of perfume can cause aggression in insect. A wasp can sting, if dressed in bright clothes (the insect can take you for a blooming flower bed).

According to statistics, from allergic reactions to the bites of wasps, bees and hornets annually kills five times more people than from poisonous snake bites. The venom of these insects is a powerful allergen. Of 5-30 minutes may develop anaphylactic shock (severe allergic reaction). But even if you're not allergic, you will have to deal with such unpleasant moments as pain, swelling and redness at the bite site.

Go into nature - take a small bottle of vinegar. Vinegar constricts blood vessels, reduces the pain, relieves irritation. The same effect has a soda solution (1 tsp per Cup of water). Can also use the recipe for traditional medicine. Tear the plantain leaf, purified water, chew, apply the pulp on the bite. If bitten multiple OS's - do not wait, when to raise body temperature. Immediately apply cold gauze bandages.

? Allergist advises applying to the bite something cold, cause hormonal ointment, take antiallergic medication. If the wasp was bitten in the lip or tongue, call immediately to ask for help. Develop swelling, it will be difficult to swallow, " he said. If they blocked the respiratory tract, without the qualified medical care people die. If you have allergies, to devise a plan of action in case of anaphylactic shock, to discuss with the family their actions in the event of force majeure. It can save your life.

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