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In this article you will learn the basic techniques of learning to play such musical instrument, like a guitar and understand which one is right for you.


Music school

If you are thinking of becoming professional, then music school is what you need. Here you will learn how to play the guitar, and also received a musical education. Here You will study such subjects as:

  • guitar + additional instrument;
  • Music literature;
  • Solfege;
  • playing in an ensemble;
  • Singing in the choir.

Here you will see the correct statement of hands, learn to play the notes, but you will also have the classic technique of playing the guitar. Received a certificate of the music school you will have the opportunity to enter the Conservatory or music school. Here you can get training both children and adults. For example, in Moscow to teach you how to play this instrument can "moskvoreche."


Guitar club

Often, in the guitar circle of learning to play this instrument is group. Here nobody expects you that you will become a professional and will not have to demand from you a full commitment. The result completely will depend from you personally. If you will have a huge perseverance and desire, then you will learn to play this instrument. In the circle you will have a tutor who will show you how to play the guitar and if you have errors, it will help to fix them.


Guitar courses

there Are courses on electric guitar, classical guitar, and also courses which simply teach you how to play guitar songs.


Private teacher

This method is the most expensive but also most effective. If you have a good teacher, he will be able to develop for you an individual training program and the best method will teach you how to play the guitar.


Independent learning

This method is the most complex. The main problem with self-study is that you will not correct in the case if you're doing something the wrong way. In this case, the training you will spend a lot of time (much more than you need). But anyway, if you want, you will be able to learn to play the guitar.

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