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Yucca is an evergreen ornamental plant of the family agave that grow naturally in arid areas of Central and North America. A collection of approximately forty species of plants. The leaves of Yucca absorb moisture from the coastal fog and evaporate a small amount of water, and loose the trunk of the tree stores the accumulated moisture for a long time.

Yucca is widely used in medicine and industry. Made of strong fibers of this plant make ropes, and from the juice of the leaves of Yucca do some hormonal medications.

indoor gardening is not used many varieties of this wonderful plant. Rasprostraneniem is elefantipes Yucca (Yucca). By the way, you can buy in the online store: hibox.com.ua.

This plant has a remarkable tolerance summer cooling, which is why the owners of an adult Yucca relocated her to spend the summer in the garden.

only Bloom Mature plants. Jukka has flowers in the shape of bells white.


care of the Yucca

Many people believe that this plant needs no care, but this is not true. In selling, you can basically meet cropped rooted trunks of plants with side shoots. Yucca has such a strong root system that, like her full brother , therefore, requires care and special attention from the owner.

After purchase, special attention should be paid to the acclimatization of the Yucca in the new environment. So, proper hydration is 1 of the main conditions that this plant will take root in the new house. Also 1 of the features of the care of this plant is proper watering. How would you not like, do not bestow excessive watering Yucca - it is better to spray more. Learn to identify the need of Yucca watering, you can on the behavior of the leaves. So then all attention should be paid to reactions of the plant. 1st time try more spray the plant until you know the application rate, after which you can reduce spraying, but do not stop them. Remember that excessive watering is threatened by root rot.

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