How to choose a school satchel or backpack?


the busiest time at many local stores such as "Everything for schools and retail outlets with the office of the surely will start before the end of summer. Parents and grandparents are rowing all the necessary school supplies for their young children, as they say, a shovel. And while some adults wash and sew from the backpacks of their little students, others want to buy a new one.

New portfolio, as psychologists say, is one of the important attributes that your and smart little schoolboy waiting impatiently for the morning to go to school with him. Most importantly, he really liked your child, not just you, as is often the case. By the way, you can also choose on the website:

But the orthopedic doctors still advise all first graders do not buy, and especially carry portfolios, and put all your stuff in is definitely equipped with lockers, which are located in the school. However, as has seemed repeatedly, ideally, in our country, is not practiced anywhere else. This, unfortunately, turns out to be negative for the health of our children.


What school bags trendy right now?

Fashionable among young people bags that are worn over one shoulder and they are suitable only to students older than 15 years. As for the kids, for them it is best useful pack. To buy it is necessary with the child. And not because adults can be wrong with a picture of your favorite fairy-tale hero.

Manufacturers of handbags indicate for which age the product is intended, therefore, like clothing, you need to measure, despite the growth of the child, his weight and stamina. It is very important that the child can try the pack for yourself (note it should not be empty!). Weight with accessories is a maximum of 15% of the weight of the student and in Junior high - 10%. So, empty the backpack of a first grader must not weigh more than 600 grams.

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