What is a LAN (LAN)?

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What could you today to live without a computer and the Internet? The question is rather rhetorical. As an ordinary person would not be able to live without these achievements of progress, and, especially, without them would not be able to do a variety of companies, firms, banks and other enterprises that conduct commercial activities. In particular, for their normal functioning need of the LAN.


What is it?

LAN (LAN, local area network) is an information network that is needed for transmission, storage and processing of data. To know more details about LAN, you can read the diploma development LAN of the enterprise. Learn more detail about LAN you can reading .

Today it is very difficult to imagine any modern office without a LAN (LAN), without computing information network today can not do 1-on company. LAN is to a cable system of a building or group of buildings (logically divided into distinct structural subsystem), which includes active network equipment, local cable network, workstations and servers.

the Functional purpose of LAN is to create a single information space of the enterprise.


Local area networks provide:

  • access to the Internet;
  • access and control network resources;
  • multi-level high-speed switching;
  • access to local network devices (scanners, printers ).

Now the development of network technology gives an opportunity to create networks with different computing capacities and configurations. This is directly related to different methods of transmitting information: dedicated radio frequency, fiber optic, twisted-pair. Additionally, this is due to the huge variety of switching equipment that is used for global as well as local ties.


Experts in this field will help someone:

  • create technical specifications;
  • to develop a network topology;
  • to determine the priority of tasks that are performed for the network;
  • to determine the approximate number of jobs (including possible extension);
  • pick up the switching equipment.

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