It is possible to prepare for the exam in 3 days?!


Soon important exam in your life, and you're still not ready? Do not waste time and soon find out which way you need to use to efficiently pass the exam.

So, to the pitiless Colloquium at ​​us only three days. First, dispel a myth about preparing for the night. Of course, you can prepare, but the outcome of this training? Nerves, bruises under the eyes and sleepy brain. No, it's not a fit. In General, "Tu" the night before exam have good sleep to the day of the exam to be cheerful and light in the head. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can find on the website:


First day

Choose a reliable literature and to begin to read it. Your next step is to take some notes. Do not have to resort to details, you will specific points you will understand. By the way, nice variant of the well known - work. If you do it by hand, then you'll have the same outline. After all, writing the text himself activates a mechanical and visual memory, and sometimes even hearing.


Second day

Start from rest, walk with friends or family in the fresh air. For the brain it is important fresh air. In its absence, you will feel tired and sleepy, frequently yawning, may be a headache. So make time for a walk in the fresh air and work in an open apartment.
in the Evening sit continue to prepare. On this day, you don't need much to re-read previously prepared notes and textbooks.


Third day

In the last day, take into account the complexities of the material that you remember for the previous 2 days. In this case, you need to study.
then, read your notes out loud and try to restore it to the memory used to preview. Before sleeping read the right material.

every day drink plenty of water, and the day takes no more than 5-6 hours. And in the end, you should know that classical music promotes better assimilation of information. Good preparation and high scores!

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