Liquid Wallpaper: the main advantages


Environmentally friendly materials in the creation of good design is called liquid Wallpaper. Due to the fact that the construction market you can choose from the huge amount of texture and colors liquid Wallpaper will always help to create a high-quality interior of any room, including kitchen and bathroom. Liquid Wallpaper is made exclusively from natural and ecologically clean materials. This is what allows them to mate with the surface of the walls and ceiling. Of course, we do not say on a roll Wallpaper, which will eventually start to come off. By the way, you can buy for small prices:


Wallpaper or plaster?

When liquid Wallpaper is applied to walls, they are very similar in putty or in other words the plaster. The main differences liquid Wallpaper from plaster is that the plaster is sand, and in the liquid Wallpaper is cellulose and textile materials. Liquid Wallpaper differ in that they possess such positive characteristics as heat and sound insulation. By the way, these Wallpapers well cover all the irregularities of the walls, so if the ceiling small irregularities still buy these Wallpapers because they have the ability to hide defects, the thickness of which vary in the range of 1-5 mm.


What are the different types of liquid Wallpaper?

Liquid Wallpaper presented in a very large range. They are made of domestic and foreign companies. Regardless of the manufacturer all liquid Wallpaper differ:

  • Texture (from a uniform matte surface and ending with the imitation of stone);
  • the
  • Bump (concerning depth);
  • the
  • Composition;
  • the
  • drying Time (12 to 72 hours;
  • the
  • Decorative additions (sticks, flock, glitter);
  • the
  • Willingness (for painting or fully finished).


so, now many of you know, what is liquid Wallpaper, their composition and what are the different types. It remains only to experiment and to create unique and very beautiful design of your room. Take a chance and then you'll be happy with your job!

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