How to choose wedding accessories


Famous stylist Ludmila Yakimchuk, told about the peculiarities of selection of wedding accessories, because the decoration will be a fantastic addition to the fabulous image of the bride.

Every girl in childhood dream to be a beautiful Princess, always wearing luxurious dresses and jewelry. And very often, this dream will become a reality in the most wonderful celebration - a wedding. The bride is trying to emphasize their beauty and individuality not only through dresses, but also original jewelry.

But today increasingly popular become . They help every bride to emphasize their beauty and originality. More information and them you can find on the website:

In recent years, is considered fashionable to decorate each bride a diadem or tiara is often this ornament appears as part of attachment veils. Look pretty different configurations of the corona, high combs, headbands. Adorned with rhinestones or flowers, hairpins and hairpins can also be an additional decoration of the image.

overall, wedding fashion is characterized by the fact that it is inherent in a variety of shapes and styles, their different combinations. Every bride can choose for themselves a beautiful wedding image, which will emphasize not only her individuality, but also will be both fashionable and comfortable.


Important to remember a few tips:

  • Embellishment to should not be cumbersome, and as if to complement the beauty of bridesmaid dresses.
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  • If you chose a dress in a soft hue, the jewelry is better to choose a metal with Golden hues, white - prefer silver metals.
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  • in No case do not "overload" the image with unnecessary details. Sometimes let it be less than a lot.
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  • Always choose decorations appropriate to your face shape, age and General style of the image!!

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