The registration of a class of primary school classroom


to arrange a class you will need:

  • the need or the desire;
  • free time
  • stands.


  • should be aesthetic, thoughtful and done in the 1st style;
  • Making a class be aware that excessive use of teaching materials, as well as decorative items can distract students during lessons. The main principle of registration of classes is moderation. In addition, in the class there should be no sharp colors, able to overwork the eyesight of students. Better to use pastel, moderately bright colors (yellow, orange, green, pink);
  • Solving the problem of registration of a class of primary school, it is necessary to make a cool angle, which in turn should provide useful and versatile information for children and their parents. The registration of a class of area is a creative process that has no strict restrictions and regulations;
  • the Main objective of cool is the reflection area, and also accompanied by effectiveness and progress in educational and training processes. All rubrics in this must meet the age and interests of students. The topics revealed in this area should display and extracurricular educational activity of students. The content area classroom should be a dynamic, all its materials should be improved, supplemented and changed. You can part of headings to offer himself to lead the children and attract their parents to the work;
  • Solving the problem of registration of a school class, it is better to make a stand, which will be devoted to state symbols of the Russian Federation. This booth will be to educate students the love for the Motherland and patriotism. In addition, you can place on the stand the materials that relate to homeland students (village, town, city);
  • Also it is necessary to issue stands about a healthy lifestyle and the SDA. You can organize the area of reading, gathering in the class library of children's books. In addition to fiction, there should be popular scientific and methodological literature and dictionaries.

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