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Garage roof are of different types, here on the 1st place is the area. Than square , the Buda slopes.

Also the roof of the garage is divided and even the material from which they are made, and that is why they all have different weights. And the heavier the roof of your garage, the more powerful will need to do frame.

In this article we consider the most popular varieties of garage roofs.


Types of roofing for garage

Garage roof it is possible to do yourself, then do not even have to be a specialist in the field of construction though the concept certainly need to have. It should be noted that you can do only simple variants of the roof. Initially you will need carefully study its design.

Next, we consider 2-VA the most popular variant of the roofs. But remember: before buying a roofing material, in the 1st place, it is necessary to make the project garage roof. Only in this case you can calculate the required quantity of roofing materials correctly. By the way, you can watch .


Shed roof

the Flat roof is ideal for small garage. This kind of roof is the most simple in execution. Most often with a flat roof you can see a frame garage, which is very easy to assemble (when you purchase you will give the installation instructions).


  • as a support for the roof are the walls that osroene to different heights, and also used the simple truss system;
  • the Level of a slope so the garage roof can be varied in the range: 0 - 60 degrees (to make the slope of the garage roof is greater than 60 degrees not recommended).

Gable roof

Today is very common to see a garage for 1-in vehicle with a gable roof.


  • Besides the aesthetic advantages gable garage roof has also practical advantages. It allows you to make a very comfortable loft. Simple gable garage roof is made in the form of an isosceles triangle;
  • its construction requires rows in pairs to set the truss the legs and connect them upper part in the center of the roof ridge. The lower part of the rafter rests on the horizontal rail (mauerlat), attached to the walls of the structure with anchor bolts;
  • To calculate amount of required materials necessary to roof height to the ridge and its width. To calculate the length of the rafter feet and the height of the ridge needs to measure the angle of the roof and width of the walls of the building.

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