Best European country for training


Analyzing the popularity and attractiveness of European countries for higher education we have identified 1-well of them, much more real things you can do to our fellow citizens. Of course, this is not a complete list - there are a lot of other countries where you can go on .


Defining the country we took into account the following criteria:

  • the difficulty of obtaining a visa;
  • the cost of living and training in the country;
  • popular among our students;
  • admission requirements;
  • the nuances of income (pitfalls) that are not visible from the 1st sight.

the Most attractive country in Europe for learning

In our subjective opinion, this is Slovakia. In comparison with other European countries, to date Slovakia is quite beneficial addition money. You ask why? Answer...

Main "+" higher education in Slovakia:

  • available For Ukrainians "free trial" training in the Slovak language. "Conditionally free" training because in any case, out of pocket expenses, food and accommodation you have to pay somewhere between 250 and 350 Euro per month;
  • Embassy of Slovakia are very loyal visa policy. The Slovaks are happy to open a visa to our fellow citizens, what can be said, for example, of the Czech Republic. That is why the Ukrainian students in nearly 100 % of all cases receive visas to this country;
  • you Can enter the UNIVERSITY without exams. Did you know that in Slovakia there is a specialty in doing that are not necessary to pass the exams? First of all, this is a technical specialty. However this option is not available in the Central cities of the country, for example, in ko?ice;
  • the relative simplicity of learning the Slovak language;
  • Relatively low cost language programs (around 2.5 euros tis for 1-in year);
  • Relatively easy nostrification. In comparison with other countries in Slovakia, often, diploma / certificate of the applicant recognize automatically;
  • low (by European standards) monthly living expenses (around 200-300 euros);
  • for students visa fee is 0 Euro;
  • the Favorable geographical location and ecological climate. On the weekend you can easily go skiing in the Alpine mountains or to travel in all European countries during your training;

"-" training in Slovakia:

  • For international students in admission there are no bonuses or discounts (You will arrive on a level with the Slovak students);
  • In Ukraine it's quite difficult to find prepodavat Slovak language, because it is considered a very rare language.

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