Machine plaster: what is it?

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Under the concept of "plaster machine" refers to a special device, which automatically mixes the solution and subsequently causing it on the wall under pressure. This method becomes more and more popular as handmade plaster is the most expensive finishing work, which is very slow and far often of poor quality.


which needs a machine plaster?

This method plaster is applied in order to optimize and facilitate the process of applying the plaster. This reduces the need for manpower, which in turn saves time and money. Therefore, it is not cheap, at 1st glance, the cost of renting such equipment is fully justified.

Making repairs in a short time some large object, you just can not do without a machine plaster. In this case, the machine will automatically prepare the mixture for plastering and hose will apply it evenly on the wall. You will only have to align the layer.



established itself as a very worthy replacement for manual plaster and more it displaces. Let us examine in detail why this is happening. To do this, let us follow briefly the process of how plastered manually.

Initially, before applying the plaster, mixing the master solution, then proceeds directly to the plastered surface. As a result, the mixture gradually solidifies and the wizard does not have time on the entire surface to apply a perfectly uniform layer. In the end, 1 on the part of the wall - dry, 2-Aya - dries, and 3, then just started plastering. Thus, the solution must be prepared every forty or fifty minutes. Same method used in machine plastering of this there is no shortage, and as a result, the plaster is applied evenly, more uniform and much faster.

And a price you have to pay for a machine plaster, is fully justified, since the work is much faster and better. And the time you will save is the same money. Especially if the repair need to do some kind of commercial organization, where each day brings significant losses.

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