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of Course VI Chuli scho music sounds, high buuut I nizkimi. Visok sounds, for example, widaut spawc Solov * Govt of kaneki. And nisik? Sisli VI to left in host... cldu and VIN privte, smaczny Breakfast druing garanny. Axis TSE - a, Nishiki sound. Axis Meladze, Volodimir Presnyakov the Prince spayth high voices, and Chaliapin, Kai Metov - nishikimi (bass). Let's get more details about all TSE pogovorim I respost us about TSE Kononov A. K. - the editor of the site , on yakomu wee can sniti naughty vdoma songs oznacen numbers.

All NATO letter, muzikanti invented in order HN dwellers do not sunk into oblivion, and Qiu music could vikonati INSHI, muzicanti. That sounds visot Buli podlin on naughty. Ale VI, course, resume, so many achievements, what I SLV not to VistaJet and shte th Sepam remembered TSE... then all the better not required, not music. Ale, muzikanti people, zauzeti. Here in seredyn mizh najvisim I miniicon sound stink widely dvenadcati music, about 7 s yakogo (do, Re, Mi, FA, Sol, La I CI) VI surely if ya know Chuli. In nazvanij music je sche in do sharp (#) and flat (b). Axis yakscho speaking, Re-in do sharp (D #), I note troch wise Re, ale niece, than Mi. And the note D flat (Реb) - troch niece, than Re, ale high To. To # - TSE W those sama, scho I Реb.


VSI naughty toil svo? in do sharp and flat. , two vinatge:

  • To-flat - W TSE those sama, scho th CI, CI respectively-in do sharp = Up;
  • FA-flat - W TSE those sama, scho th M, I, natural, M-in do sharp = FA.

So the axis vastani mizh Susanne clavame nazivaetsa putona (Mi - Mi-flat, Mi-FA). And vgscan in two putani, skladatel tone. On GTA - well those are the same. Vastani mizh Eyad Susanne frets - TSE puton.

Ale zhadeita, zalishivsya sche mayzhe all zvukovi range, Yak down, so I grow. So the axis of the whole space CCB, zapolnenii Ter putnami. After To the bottom, viabilise znovu note CI, next La-in do sharp, La, a I further. In total, titles music periodical (12 pwconv), povtoryatsya. Vastani 12 pwconv (eg mizh Until I nastepnym To) called an octave.

not Dwellers in zaputatsya neskens NIST octaves h pronumeral. Klasicno persou it is believed that the Oktava scho znahodytsya center fortepiano (7 octaves), clavature. Ale in " music, for spasinnya rozumna vs z the right of the machine, I / n octave Yatom. Naughty poznachayutsya, Yak to 5 (up To p at oktavi), D # 3 (D-in do sharp tratio oktavi). Chim niece room oktavi, Tim lowest sound. Minimalni room oktavi in " music - 0, and skin note got sviy, poryadkovy room. Have To olovo oktavi VIN dorny 0. To # 0 = 1, Ре0 = 2 and so further. Yakscho room ODN naughty 1 BlsI for NSU, TSE mean - the first note is highest in Putana. And if on 2 - tone.



Naostanok it is worth noting, scho musicant, and therefore I have vsih, muzichni the program's naughty prineto of poznati, latinskimi larami To - Z, # 1 - (# 1).

Nedavno z, avisa Novyi method of recording music on osnow of Hromada Blizkogo. Yakscho briefly, the essence of Yogo in fact, scho black naughty fortepiano, clavature (in do sharp / b flat), nabuwat cutaneous svogo imeni uncaring (Tu, Mo, Zu, Lo, MC).

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