Technical translation: what is it?


the Most common type of translation today is technical. These transfers are necessary to scientific and industrial companies, procure, produce and sell various equipment. The technical texts that should be translated are: commercial proposals, contracts, patent applications, instructions, documentation - everything that is mandatory is an integral part of any organization that had anything to do with technology. By the way, in Kiev you can order the Bureau of technical translations :


How carries out technical translation?

If you take literary translation, quality work is 70% dependent on grammar, sense of style and artistic talent of the translator, and only 30% from everything else at the time, both in technical translation - all the way around. The main and probably the only difficulty are the endless abbreviations and basic terminology, while the proposals are of primitive structure. Each country for any term, for example, the current replacement has its own analogue, that's why here are completely unacceptable literal translation.


If we execute the translation of technical text will take over 100 %, then:

  • 60 % of the time a translator spends on the thematic web-sites (and often, that the resources of the country for which you need to do technical translation) and studying there specialized dictionaries;
  • 30 % of time spent on the search for the desired transcripts;
  • 10 % of time spent on sentence structure.


Technical translation is very peculiar and painstaking process, which has very little to do with the translation, that's why there is nothing strange that many excellent translators do not want to take up this type of translation. At the same time, the specialist who had previously translated a particular subject (medicine, crystal growth, drilling, water treatment), with great pleasure again takes up such ​​work and often becomes a monopolist in the field of technical translation. By the way, there are industry professionals whom you can count on the fingers of 1 hand.

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