Why is it recommended to insulate the exterior walls of Styrofoam?


the Insulation of exterior walls with foam is the most effective, not expensive, and therefore the most popular method of thermal insulation of residential premises. Whether it's an apartment building or single storey house, modern technologies allow to efficiently, quickly and effortlessly to increase the insulation of walls by 30-35%. Potomu today we know little information about .


Why insulate the walls?

Even if you have plastic Windows, secure front door and Autonomous heating, but not insulated facades, you should know that up to a third of such an expensive today of the heat you lose from behind the wall. Just imagine: one third of a monthly gas bill or the heating you pay to heat the street! This unnecessary spending of money once and for all can be avoided. But at the same time get many other benefits if you insulate the walls with foam.


Insulated exterior walls, you get:

  • Improvement of thermal insulation by 30-35%. This means that the apartment will be 5-7 degrees warmer than usual. And in the summer it will be 5 degrees cooler.
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  • thermal Insulation of walls helps to solve such problems as excess moisture, fungus or mold on the walls. In modern heat insulation materials (talking about the foam) do not develop fungus or any other microorganisms.
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  • Improvement of sound insulation. 5-inch sheet of foam (and that's exactly what we recommend for thermal insulation of buildings) badly miss the sound, so the street noises or the voices too emotional tourists you never will exasperate.

in addition, the foam is a reliable, ecological and durable material. Laboratory studies and experience in Europe (where to insulate the walls with foam began 50 years ago) proves that a properly installed layer of insulation can serve from 50 to 80 years. As we can see, it will only benefit us and our wallet.

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