Wood-burning oven: what you need to know?

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since ancient times people have tried to provide in your house? It is certainly warm! In a cold house any comfort and comfort can not be considered. Therefore, people have always used various methods and devices to heat their homes. Today, manufacturers of heating equipment offer an effective and aesthetic solution for heating of country houses, cottages, baths and saunas at an affordable price.

a Fireplace or wood - burning stove- is a convenient and economical way of heating a small house. Modern technologies and advanced materials allow for small combustion of wood to produce a high coefficient of performance (heat transfer). High efficiency fireplace will provide the room with warmth and save money on fuel.


Fuel for heating furnace

the Oven can work with wood or briquettes. This type of fuel is the most inexpensive and available. Of course the effectiveness of heating will depend on the quality of the wood or briquettes, as well as their number of bookmarks in the furnace.


Some of the rules of installation of stoves:

  • For safe and quality operation of the fireplace must first measure the inside dimensions of the flue, they must be the same size at the exit of an open fire;
  • better to Install the stove in a room with constant access to fresh air, as the oxygen will contribute to a better burning firewood in the furnace;
  • you need to Set the oven on specially processed non-flammable surface, it must be remembered that the fireplace can not leave flammable items.

wood burning Stove

Choosing a stove stove, you should consider the parameters of the room that it will heat. To calculate the required capacity of the furnace, on the basis of the heated area, you will help consultants store where you will buy it. For example, in Moscow to purchase a quality furnace for your home and bath you can .

the Quality of the furnace is a primary indicator of its durability and reliability. Choosing the future the furnace, should pay attention to its interior design. It needs to be fireclay or vermiculite, which can retain heat for a long time.

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