What is a Periscope?


Now manufacturers have created a huge number of different programs that are designed for mobile devices and tablets, and computers. Such an application, as the Periscope was recently created by Twitter, and its main task is to stream videos directly from your camera to a huge audience. There is a good opportunity to share with many subscribers, not just pictures and messages, but also interesting video.

is a service videofemale, that is modern social network kind of character. Mini movies (streams), you can easily record, and they are available to viewers within 24 hours. All subscribers of a particular user in the social network Twitter have the ability to leave comments to videos and even liking, if this entry they liked.

what is unique Periscope?

Due to the fact that this device has the features of the platform differs among a huge number of competitors, for example, Youtube and Meerkat. Record many broadcasts are easily stored in the selected profile and all those who wish they can spare time to watch and give their subjective evaluation. You can limit the number of viewers, while sending an invitation only to those groups that you do want.

in Addition to the quick and easy browsing of videos, Periscope has its own chat. Here is an opportunity to see all the useful information about the place, where usually the transfer is carried out. You can also know which of your subscribers or visitors viewing the video, and how a person's location. It is possible to find different application potential of the original platform, for example, events, excursion, holiday, trip, which are extremely interesting for most users. As we can see, this offer will bring us a lot of facilities and the opportunity for a brief time.

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