4 tips when choosing books for children


a child's Success in reading and her love for this process are formed long before their school years. Development of children is very much related to good books. But it all begins in the family, and that parents are the first teachers and mentors. In our article we'll share tips because they are useful for parents who want to see their children successful readers.


How to choose a book for a child's development?!

the first Rule is to target. To understand how to choose the right book for your child - there is already a half of success. And no wonder, - mismatched book can hinder your further attempts to instill in the child's interest in reading. But, approaching the book choices consciously and with a clear understanding of the characteristics, interests and creative abilities of the child, you can take a step in the right direction. By the way, offers books for kids at very low prices.


having Defined the goal, go to the interest

the second Rule – interest. When choosing books, remember that it must meet the interests of the children and not your personal. Despite the wide selection of books on the shelves of bookstores, it is an undisputed fact that even for the youngest of readers there will always be something special- book that is certainly already from the first minute to set them up for the reading process. It should be remembered that the interests of your children in reading should not leave you indifferent, and Vice versa - should be supported. Therefore we recommend to support the child in his choice of themes, which is for her great interest (as, for example: sailing, aviation, engineering, history biographies of famous people, etc). Interesting can be for a child and the book - comic book.


the third Rule - understanding

Buying a book, ask yourself the question "will the baby understand?" In determining the level of difficulty of the book, should proceed from the following considerations. Can the child read independently handle, and he needs your help to do it? It is important to understand the difficulty level of the book corresponds to the level of intellectual abilities of the child? Sometimes the book may be too complex for a child's understanding, so you should look through several pages to gauge the difficulty level of the presentation of information.


the fourth Rule - new words

Each reader needs to understand the decoding process, or in other words to be able to understand the reading. Reading leads to vocabulary enrichment, but only when the child understands what was read. The more our vocabulary words, the more interesting and productive will be our acquaintance with the book. Therefore, observe your child and don't be lazy to explain unfamiliar words and expressions.
Summing up read, say with certainty - the book is the best gift, because it is knowledge that is priceless!

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