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In our days you can meet a number of happy people who boast of big wins in the casino. Clearly the case that some of our players have won more, some less, which are held together by positive feelings and emotions. After all, when you win a large sum just all around around and believed, as simple as a drunk, the emotions and the adrenaline hits in excess of. In addition there are statistics of the most successful players.

Ashley Revell

One of the Londoners in 2004 decided to create something special and out of the hands of the ordinary. Yes, his act was first sight insane. In order to fulfill the dream of Ashley sold the car and the apartment. His dream is to put all the money in Vegas on the roulette. At first about the idea no one knew, but before leaving, the guy from friends went to a pub where slip. Friends called in the morning on TV, and told an unusual story of a friend. This coin is one of the leading channels in the UK put a guy to shoot a reality show. It is unknown how much was paid to the Revell. In the end, he and a host of friends and operators went to Las Vegas. Just at that moment the guy was $ 130 00. He decided to put the entire amount on roulette. When Ashley came to the casino, the attention of visitors was focused on him, as all knew his story. The camera in the live show, as an adventurer to put all your money on red. So, the croupier spins the roulette wheel, the ball, like a living jumping around the field! In a huge casino silence, the ball stops on a red field! Ashley is getting richer twice.

Las Vegas

a Year earlier, was only possible in certain places, which were not available to ordinary users, today, things have changed. In 2003, one of the programmers from the US went to Vegas to try their luck. In fact, the guy came just to relax and watch a basketball game. So he did, just went to the bar to watch a basketball game and drink beer. During the break he gave the waiter the change in small bills, which he threw into the machine. As a result, he won one of the largest jackpots in the history of machines 40 million. dollars. Under state law the prize will be paid for twenty-five years, in other words the player each year receives $ 1.5 million.

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