Copy of iPhone: what are their main advantages?


today be purchased from China a copy of iPhone in a huge number of different stores. Also you can meet them on the Internet. Phones that belong to this type, are very popular, and this is evidenced by the fact that every day it creates a lot of thematic blogs, games, different applications and much more. So why to purchase a very profitable?


benefits of Chinese copies of the iPhone

  • Among the main advantages of the iPhone copies from China I want to highlight a very low price. You have the opportunity to choose a decent version for only
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  • Package contents of this phone often consists of a headset, a handset, a charger, 2 batteries, USB cord, adapter for Euro sockets, ordinary case and stylus
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  • Copy of iphone 6 made from good body, which are twisted with special bolts. The lid you can open and close very easily. When buying it is important to look at what material was made from the body, and the way he carried out his bond;
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  • Copy iPhone often is characterized in that it has a touch screen with a diagonal of 3.5, as in the present iPhone. You can also buy models with a diagonal of 3.2. The image is usually bright and clear. Screen at 100% reacts to the touch;
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  • Very often all models are available with battery which is a capacity of 1200 mAh. It is enough to fully work 2 days. Also has 3.5 mm Jack which is great for standard headphones.
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  • as for the charger, its quality can be attributed not to a higher level, but the phone itself is a good way can be charged using the USB cord that is connected via a computer or other device.

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