What is satellite TV and how to organize it


Satellite TV system is a system of transmission of TV signal by means of an artificial Earth satellite that is in geostationary orbit (i.e. relative to the receiver TV signal, the satellite will always be located in the 1st point).

Territory, where it is possible to take the signal from the satellite, called the coverage area. This signal take to set them on the satellite Converter, which, in turn, transmits this signal to a satellite receiver via coaxial cable. And the receiver transmits the digital signal to the TV after Raskovalov it.


Advantages of satellite television:

  • Consistently high quality picture and sound without any interference;
  • a Digital format transfer and compression of the satellite signal allows 100% guarantee that the end user on the screen of your TV will get a picture of such quality, which is broadcast by the operator;
  • a Huge variety of interesting TV channels (erotica, movies, music news,sports, TV programs about animals, etc.)
  • No matter your geographical location. All that is needed to receive satellite TV is the best coverage and line of sight to the satellite;
  • Huge amount of open (free) channels of satellite TV provide the ability to see a lot of very interesting programs on a free basis;
  • satellite TV allows the viewer to hear the live foreign languages, watching movies, news and various TV programs in various languages.

What you need to satellite TV reception?

So that you can receive satellite TV, you'll need to purchase the following equipment set:

  • Satellite dish (aka a satellite dish);
  • Satellite Converter (head of satellite, LNB);
  • Satellite receiver (tuner, decoder). This device is required to receive and decode the digital TV signal so that you can pass it on to the TV screen)
  • Coaxial cable. It is needed for transmission of the signal from the LNB to the decoder);
  • Bracket (holder, console). Essential for the attachment of a satellite plate to the roof or wall.

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