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so, it's the year 2016, which for most Russians was marked by the continued economic downturn, caused, inter alia, economic sanctions from the European Union. It is obvious that the financial capacity of enterprises, including duties as a salary before the workers is very limited. Inflation, as they say, it does not prevent, and that means it's time to think about how to start working for yourself. Someone can say that the crisis is not the best time for such drastic changes in my life, but this is not quite correct. In fact, the business idea is, a stable income (maybe not the highest and not even the average) during the crisis, clearly destined for success in the period of economic growth. Therefore, all applicants own business is not superfluous to know what is needed in 2016.

Required documents

the List of mandatory for filing for sole proprietorship documentation in 2016 is not much different from the previous one, however, changes are present. You will be required to provide:

  • an Official statement on the standard form р21001. Changes in comparison with last year's one didn't undergo. Here, in particular, specify information such as the place of registration of an individual entrepreneur, type of activity. The latter, incidentally, is selected from the current NACE (classification of economic activities) for 2001. Version ОКВЭД2, which was planned for introduction this year, was postponed to 1 January 2017;
  • a Receipt on payment of state fee. The collection of the state Treasury upon registration FE did not change and remained at the level of 800 rubles. the Data that are recorded in this receipt you can get in the local office of the tax inspection;
  • a Photocopy of my passport, taxpayer identification number.

It's the documents that you need to provide to the Registrar, and now is the time to outline the procedure of their submission and the kit that is handed out.

How and where documents should be submitted for registration?

as for the feed, everything is clear and uncontested. When the kit is fully ready, it is delivered in territorial body of Federal Tax service in the place of residence of the future IE.
to Apply one of four available methods:

  • Private entrepreneur. In this case, you need to take the entire set, and along with the original passport;
  • Trustee. In this case, have to take care of the notarization of documents, as well as the power of attorney. In her future SP specifies who and on what basis (identity document) will supply the kit. Upon delivery, the original passport is required;
  • Via post. The whole set of the document may be invested in securities the letter with the obligatory inventory of the contents. Mandatory notarization and stitching
  • On the Internet. All the necessary documents in electronic format can be submitted through a special form on the website of the regional office of the Federal tax service. This method has one significant drawback – while the geography of this service is very limited.

Instead of the future SP will receive documents such as:

  • verifying the certificate (OGRNIP) with assigned individual code;
  • the record Sheet, which contains all the data SP;
  • INN. Is given only if this has not happened before.

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