Mulled wine is a beverage that warms the soul

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Mulled wine is a hot alcoholic drink, which is made on the basis of good wine, spices, berries and different fruits.

Spicy and strong aroma of the drink can instantly lift your mood even in the cloudy weather and is great for parties among friends. In addition, the mulled wine has medicinal properties - it contains a lot of vitamins, because in its composition, besides wine, also includes ginger, citrus fruits and various spices. By the way, you can also read on the website:


consider a more traditional Mulled wine drink it cold countries:

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It was there he was learned to bring to the table at many holidays and Christmas bazaars in the open air directly in order not to freeze. But the history of this drink is much longer. Warm wine is an old tradition that existed in China. Moreover, different spices and fruits it was usually added not all the time. The ancient Greeks had a name hot wine - hipocris, which literally means "hippocratica". It went by the name of a well-known healer, because it was believed that wine is healthier than different water. It is often added honey, cardamom, nutmeg and other spices, which were brought from the East.


is Good only in moderation

Many people know that a very hot wine helps to ensure that circulation occurs in people who have weak pressure. The mulled wine is well suited to the period of restoration after diseases of infectious nature, as well as mental exhaustion. Also, this beverage possesses antibacterial properties, and therefore only have a beneficial effect on the digestive system, i.e. stomach and intestinal flora. Of course, any alcoholic beverages useful only when moderately consumed. Just one glass of mulled wine per day will help you keep warm, and relieve of cough, and may even cure the common cold. A huge amount, in turn, is fraught with constant headaches and chronic fatigue, and people who have cardiovascular disease or are diabetics, it is important to enlist the help of mulled wine only after consultation with your doctor.

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