How to choose a good quality filter for drinking water purification?


Always after a break for annual reports and holidays, each of us returns to the theme: “How to choose suitable and high-quality water filter?”.

Marketing the nuances of this business classifying in detail the variety of water filters can be left for the sections "Business" and "Practice". I will speak only about the most obvious: good filters for cleaning drinking water directly.


what filters?

unlike special filters for centralized cleaning filters, drinking are installed in the place where drinking water is used, usually in the kitchen. That is why in America they are usually called POU filters is the abbreviation for Point of Use. We use drinking water not a lot – about five litres per day, subject, of course, borscht and compote. And this is a hundred times smaller than water for all other needs – wash, clean, shower. Therefore, the quality of drinking water in such filters must be very high. As you know, is something that should be in every home.


What is the cartridge and what ones are needed?

Usually, the current element of all filters for drinking water has replaceable cartridges which a lifetime is limited and depends heavily on the quality of water that is purified.

the Possibility of a cartridge not provided, and at the end of the service life of the cartridge is usually discarded, changing only with a new one. And it is clear that despite all the many forms of filters to clean it is water, the essence of cleaning always comes down to the fact that the ink cartridges are installed in the filter based on the principle of its work and the quality of water may depend solely on them and also on how they are made.


All home filters directly for drinking water are conventionally divided into two large groups:

Filter jugs where water is flowing from the upper tray in the bottom - called the "jug", through the cartridge , and also due to natural gravity, the flow-through filters, and they are connected, or otherwise, to the desired water – well where the water is purified flowing through several cartridge because of water pressure in the water.

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