Common myths about the gym

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In this article we'll talk about the stereotypes of thinking and behavior that are almost all people who somnevayutsya whether to go to trename or not. And tell us about it Arseniy Sobolev - instructor "FitnessClass".


Why don't people go to the gym?

Often, most people imagining such a picture regarding the gym, that's amazing. They result myself incomprehensible (often invented) fear and conventionality, the barriers and fears.

Almost all people want to get shredded, toned, beautiful body, and attractive appearance, however the majority of people do not reach to the gym or the nearest sports facilities, in order to finally get ahold of myself. And all this not because these people are maplevale on your health and body in particular, it just seems that there are many objective reasons, not giving/ not Dadush them to do this.

The human brain every day generated a couple of thousands of ideas and more thoughts that are not good. But in our brain, there is a "place" that is responsible for the body's response to something new that could ever happen for us and for the feedback. And often this "place" is strongly littered and jammed with all sorts of cockroaches and garbage that the space for new Hobbies / activities to do, and, as a result, the all new brain perceives in bayonets .

Thus, if we consider the gym, you can see the following most common circumstances that prevent people to start bodybuilding, fitness, physical activity, etc.


so, here are the main myths:

  • Trepany hall is a constant, heavy, long hours of work and a real servitude
  • I Have no time and I was very tired at work;
  • I don't like gyms and fitness classes because it is the dirt, the sweat and the grinding of iron;
  • Doro
  • Where am I and where is the sport? I've never tried it, so what's the point to start?

even If in this list you learned something - it does not matter, it should be no problem, because as mentioned higher so you can see the gym 95% of all people through the prism of their stereotypes. Just step over your fear and come to the fitness center and who knows, maybe after half a year looking at herself in the mirror - you will see there is another person (slim and strong) that you have always wanted to be.

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