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Shark always evokes indescribable horror on humanity, and the meeting with her was synonymous of imminent death. However, the lack of adrenaline forces modern people to seek a meeting with a shark, going to such an extreme fishing and agreeing on a life-and-death struggle.

white shark Teeth of white shark, for example, can easily bite through man in half, moreover shark teeth themselves   - is a versatile weapon, which never wears out for one simple reason: they are constantly updated.  Over a lifetime, they can be replaced up to several thousand. Another feature of this predator is the lower jaw, and more precisely its ability to transform. At the moment of attack it puts forward, and the teeth protrude outwards. tiger sharkSuch focus is not subservient to any living being on the Earth. Its incredibly difficult to kill the shark, and it vitality is legendary. You can keep shark on the hook for a long time, beat with a harpoon, shoot from the weapon, you can disembowel it, and shark will still moves jaws and beat with tail.

mako sharkThere are about 350 species of sharks on the planet. The most powerful and dangerous are: white, tiger, polar and blue sharks, mako shark and thrasher ( fox shark). A giant white shark is known for its omnivorous and particularly aggressiveness. In its stomach were found bottles, irons, anchors, sealsblue shark and penguins. Tiger shark is rather large predator. To swallow a man, tiger shark will not even widely unclench its jaws. Its strength is enough to tear thick ropes and unbend steel hooks. Mako shark - a fighter, tactician, she carries around a fishing boat over herself, alternates jumpings onthrasher, Marine fox, fox shark the surface and sharp dives into the depth. Thrasher (or fox shark) has almost three-meter tail, by which she strikes her victim, wielding it like a cowboy a whip.

Hunting on the sharkHunting on the shark became a kind of sport for real men, who go for her on the trail, like a terrestrial hunters. Their main weapon is a sharp harpoon, which spearhead is greased with poison. If you succeed to hit a shark between her eyes (in its most vulnerable point),Hunting on the shark then we can hope for a successful outcome of the fight in favor of the hunter, of course. Of all sharks pass by only white shark, and besides not just hunters, but also her own shark brothers - she is too huge and aggressive.

Hunting on the shark boatOn hunting usually go team on a specially equipped ship, because its almost impossible to cope with this marine predator alone. Team must work together seamlessly and be morally ready for a long, exhausting struggle. Shark - its not a river crucian, you will not catch it on a simple hook . For this life and death performance you will need a special tackles, which can withstand up to 1,5 tonnes of live weight of the shark.

hunter on the sharks Sharks are caught mainly in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the hunting season mostly depends on the region and its geographical location. However, hunters for the sharks can be seen along the coast of Africa and Australia, in the USA and Latin America, and also in the waters of Spain, Portugal, Madagascar and even Ireland.

Recently hunting on the shark became the object of the tourist business. To services of fans of extreme fishing (in case with a shark - it is still hunting) are granted special ships with a professional team, sonar equipment and equipment for fishing. This pleasure is not cheap, but powerful rush of adrenalin and mind-blowing impressions are guaranteed.

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