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Fishing rod is the main instrument of fishing. Under the word fishing rod can be understood two things: fishing rod, as fishing tackle with the coil, fishing line and bait, or fishing rod as a whip or a stick itself. Namely about the second meaning of this word will be speak about.
So, the   fishing rod.
Fishing rod – is the basic component of all  fishing tackle, using it is carried out bait throw, fish hooking and pullingFishing rod, fishing, ustrimenno so every fisherman must understand the fishing rod structure. Each fisherman before his action, buy the fishing rod. Formerly there were prevalent bamboo sticks, in the absence of which fishermen have used long thin flexible tree branches. Bamboo is characterized by a combination of lightness, strength and flexibility. Over time, fisherman tool was improved. Now are used fishing rods made ​​of modern materials, such as plastic,Fishing rod, fishing glass or carbon fibers, fastening for the coil and soft handles are located on the whip. Fishing rods can be telescopic and plug. Telescopic fishing rods are consist of several conical hollow tubes that are inserted into each other, this design allows to fold whip most compactly. Plug fishing rods are made of hollow tubes, no more than three or four, which are inserted into each other on the 5-10 cm.

Fishing rod from modern materials.

Fishing rod from modern materialsFishing sport is evolving and growing production of  fishing tackles, including   fishing rods. Now fishing rods are made of modern materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. In this article we will talk about what fishing rods are better.

Fishing rod of carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is a highly modular graphite or carbon plastic. These fishing rods are the most elastic, strong and lightweight. This fishing rods are very expensive, but quality.
 Carbon fiber Fishing rodThe secret of these fishing rods is that the carbon fiber has a particular structure, it is the fiber direction and the position of the layers. When kevlar strengthening the fishing rod has increased strength with low weight. Its much easier to perform excess longitudinal and accurate throws with these fishing rods. Also with such good qualities the fishing rod has a small diameter, which contributes to the ease of throw. With this fishing rod its easy to perform timely hooking.
At purchase of such fishing rods you need to carefully examine good as often occur counterfeitings, with the same price as branded fishing rods, but with poor quality.  Its very difficult to distinguish a fake from a corporate fishing rods, and we must not base on our convictions on a higher price. It is best if there is a firm catalog for the proposed product, you will need to compare the price and appearance of the proposed fishing rod with the same one in the catalog. A quality fishing rod should have a handle made of cork.

Fishing rod of fiberglass.

Fiberglass Fishing rodThese fishing  rods are made of fiberglass, they are not expensive, but much inferior in the elasticity to fishing rods  of carbon fiber. Earlier fishing rods of fiberglass made ​​solid, monolithic, such fishing rods are less lenient than tubular, and in addition monolithic are heavy. Now monolithic products can be seen, perhaps, only in museums. Advantage of fiberglass rods is their flexibility, and their minus is their insensitivity. Another advantage of a fiberglass fishing rods is their working capacity in all seasons, when the fishing rod of  carbon fiber becomes brittle in frost and can break under the light load.

Composite fishing rods.

composite fishing rod Fishing rods of this type is something between rods of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Composite ( material from which are made composite fishing rods) is a mixture of carbon fiber and fiberglass. Fishing rods of this type combine the flexibility, easiness and relatively small price.

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