How to prepare and pass the exam

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Step 1

first of all, you need to determine where you should start. And you must begin only with a strong and full of sleep. Your brain has to subconsciously comprehend all the work ahead. So you don't need to try to learn everything in a hurry, that is, several hours before the examination. The best place to start the morning or in the afternoon the day before the exam, and even much better over a day and a half before it starts.


Step 2

Now you need to view all records, materials that need to be on the exam. Doesn't matter it's 2 pages or even 20 to make it! This step will help to refresh all the knowledge on this subject from you, and to remember material previously studied. It will also give you the opportunity to remember, in what place there is some material in your records, but it is important to then you know where to look for him. You can also visit .


Step 3

You need to think about how to organize all the information that you already have at. You need to think about how to correctly fold and this kind of systematization will be based: on a certain theme, chronology, or your performance in General.


Step 4

You need to learn each topic, and also to defer your entries and then for a couple of hours, take a short break. Don't see the sense in that to cram all at once, because it's definitely not going to end up with you for a long time. Need to give time to your brain on a subconscious level to absorb all the necessary information that you have worked much earlier. That is why it is very important to begin immediately the process of training at least 1 day before the start of the exam.


Step 5

the day must be the exam, put your alarm clock at least 2 hours before the exam. For some time, but the hours you need to start to remember all the finished themes and sub-themes. If you have trouble, make sure you read some more of your recordings. And here comes the moment when you need to cram. Try to do it as hard as possible. Remember everything you tried to do it again. But 15 minutes before exam, definitely make a stop! In the last minute you don't need to think about the start of the exam. So sit back, take a very deep breath. If you stick to these rules during the training, you will be fine!!

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