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the Clothing for running polyanna guilty Buti mckim, easy, Yakima I m slim, and also mother of pocri, that is not stisku movement I have ever played. not story strlib. Wherein the loom is guilty sbergami warm, not prodavatsya, but propustiti potra. Cry costume savedi peredacha mozliwosci posiliti ventilation or, on the contrary, teplosberezheniya, sustai - rozstaw jacket, wristbands, trousers, skirts and, perhaps, even dodatkow ventilatin "Vikna". The clothing Myslivna not got his demasculate, meaning, he is guilty Mati zahisni color I wherein not Shruti, grimly, not bisati, in fact I CISL being mokrim. More information you can dantica I on site: .

Chi potrebne camouflage saberwind

In Ostend rocky all zoopilia camo, ale TSE acres newbow sure. Yak I zrozum with rozmow stands among domestic virobnikiv, stench, believe, that camouflage sabellina - head oznaka I ganst the clothing for mislivs. Mole, "if you don't Patran camouflage, can its all neophane in zvicinou MAGAZIN ready-made clothing". Unfortunately, not mozhu! The clothing, scho vdova sformulirovany more imogam, zvicinou MAGAZIN not prodayut. That as for the camo, it will probuy poyasnite their "RES".

  • firstly, on running polyvan more often reported not hepatica, and, on the contrary, musuvathi Ticino sletty, for example, when polyvan W ragavoy, "Samatova", or Lanzhou. In the case ostannia, Yak I in any collective rohovou polowan, in General all rekomendovali Nonna signal orange vest (they, by the way, in stores Ter no). Camouflage when polyvan on the Taku dicino all one of nieaktywny, Yak SIDAC on gate panel Ptah ABO saci to bacati Myslivna on TL light the sky I niyakoho malonek leaves of stems Chi lyudskogo the silhouette in this case is not shove.
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  • secondly, malonek of efektivni only on specific TL, and he constantly running on polyvan sminutes; we have been waiting for Sri RL Breda, the yellow stern, smaragdova OTV on the mowing. Koli need samakovlis, required nauchitsya cristobalite navkolishn roslins, added klika puck Glock to spoil the costume, so Smythe silhouette I led ASATI Yogo to msceast - CE Nadine, for addition it's desirable Mati on odes I head uber msca krepline.

Features masqualero saberwind

Scho as mascualine sabellina, razvalina to acquire camouflage, specific pid pdebian season , place, in which wee usually vlastova sasku. He obidetsya znaczna deshevshe firmowego costume W camuflagem sabellina, and to serve much douche, because dagaut Yogo on top of the clothing I polyuvannya immediately after snimaut.

All also, it must be remembered, that this was a bird I SVR reaguoti galonim rank to movement, not color.

I slit one important detail: ptic cutlip to nevidimo for us ultrapolite of the spectrum. That is important for clip art so the surface of tkaniny not dobrala ultravioletb promen, in General not small Shelest brisati navit wet. So the axis: camouflage tkaniny viklyuchno bavovnyano ABO sentation. Peruti are michimi zasobami, that mstate option vdblwvma, Oswayo colors ... I pasilyte vlastiti tkaniny drivate ultraviolet light. Myslivna in provau camouflage for ptic seen, Yak swotor W oven czerwonym the signal.

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