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From the moment that Columbus brought back to Europe tobacco, it took more than a century. During this time addicted to Smoking are truly a global problem, addiction, to cope with which is quite difficult. In practice, there are both folk and conservative scientific methods, in particular nicotine replacement therapy. One striking example of this approach is that allows to simulate the process of Smoking, getting much lower concentrations of nicotine.

What is an electronic cigarette?

as soon As science makes another step forward, opening something new, it was immediately picked up by industry, which creates new product samples. This is clearly evident in the electronic cigarettes, which, though in appearance and reminiscent of traditional, but actually is a fairly complex device. Virtually any such product consists of following key components:

  • Battery pack. Since electronic cigarette is a kind of analogue of an inhaler or nebulizer, she needs a source of electrical power providing operation of the main components of the device. Obviously, in this case this role is played built-in power supply or mod (somehow not so is perceived cigarette connected wire with socket). He has certain technical features that affect the classification of e-cigarettes, in particular, the capacity of the battery;
  • Vaporizer. It's part of cigarette, in which vaporization and the formation of aerosol mass from the working fluid. Is a warmed up a spiral of nichrome spiral or fehrloi;
  • with liquid Container. In order to be able to implement evaporation in the design of an electronic cigarette provides a reservoir for the liquid or a cotton wick inside the evaporator;
  • Liquid. It is a mixture of glycerol, propylene glycol, distilled water and nicotine (in different concentrations).

What is a starter kit?

since the composition of the electronic cigarette consists of several components and consumables (liquid), it is clear that the pipe here, it will not be. It is used to purchase replacement or additional accessories that can extend the functionality of cigarettes, to modify it.

Any more or less competent marketer in this situation would consider the creation of a starter set for Smoking that include different components. This is such a complex term occurring in the trading environment, however, it does not mean that the acquired set is used literally to start as a trial. This formulation means, that by buying the kit, the smoker or vaper may directly proceed to action. He does not need to examine the outlets in search of a suitable liquid, fashion, etc.

Typically, the composition of these sets is composed of the following components:

  • power supplies and chargers for them;
  • Evaporative units (atomizers, clearomizers, etc e);
  • Instructions
  • Advanced adapters and accessories.

If the first person is going to buy a starter kit of Smoking electronic cigarettes, the choice is quite wide, ranging from budget models for beginners to big and expensive for experienced smokers. To select the optimum variant it is necessary to consult a specialist or Manager.

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