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When in the early 2000s began to appear rumors about the development by Mercedes-Benz new SUV called the GL, we all thought then that the manufacturer is preparing something new to replace the old G-class, but Gelik to touch, no one thought. Even today it occupies a niche among SUVs. GL originally created a completely different. While the G-class cross-country, endurance and nothing else, GL in turn is the prestige, comfort and spaciousness of the interior. And, of course, creating GL 2nd generation Mercedes-Benz made the most priority these factors. By the way, in Ukraine you can buy into the "sky motors": skymotors.com.ua.

For example, an old Mercedes GL 500 cost in Russia about 5 million rubles. For comparison, in America GL 550 (GL 500, only the new generation) costs $ 85 tees - about 3 million rubles A GL 350 with the diesel engine costs $ 62 thousand (2 million rubles), and in Russia, GL 350 sold for 3.3 million rubles.

the Manufacturer has tried their best and did not spare money for a new GL. In the result of their labors has been so good that already after 5 minutes after landing in the car I "fell asleep". And this fact must be regarded as the highest compliment. Since the test drive took place GL on whatever road in new Mexico (USA), I even forgot that I was in the car detachment from the road was the maximum! In this plan Mercedes GL cannot be compared even with flying a plane in 1st class, since there all the time hear the noise of the engine, and is still air pockets. And here, only when you stamp on the gas pedal (very high speed), sometimes in the distance hear the light rumbling of the engine and causes only a pleasant rustle of tires. Moreover, insulation works on the "5+", even if you move out with smooth asphalt. So, when you drive on the gravel path, you get the feeling that the stones do not, although actually - they are. In order to verify this, you just need to open the window and you will immediately hear the stones banging on the bottom of your car. I can say with 100% certainty that in terms of noise isolation to date, GL is the best SUV!

by the Way, Andreas Sugan - head of development Department GL-class, claims that in the U.S. market, the Mercedes GL is now the most popular SUV (it makes up 30% of this segment).

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