What should be the proper protection of the diploma


the Thesis is the last and most important reporting work. It shows the achieved by the student during his study results. The thesis requires very serious training. Also very important is to defend your thesis, which is directly tied to your final score. And even if thesis you didn't write yourself (and ordered her spelling), anyway it doesn't release you from its protection before the state Commission.

As psychologists say: the person who clearly imagines the future situation and thinks over his behavior, stop doubting and fear. And as a result the student's confidence in presenting the defense of his diploma will not leave one speck of doubt in his competence. Let's take a closer look at the process of thesis defense.

Imagine that you wrote the thesis yourself or ordered it. After you read it many times - you remember its main points and will wait for the date of graduation.

Remember that protection is a public performance, which requires performing training. SVO to present the work from the podium in the presence of members of the state Commission is often very problematic for many students. So as not to overwhelm protection? He will tell us about Ivanov E. K. - employee service thesis support "Academe": .


in Order to avoid excitement need:

Thorough preparation. At home you need to identify the main points of the work submitted for protection. To do this you need some time to read their work, stressing the main points, which should get a little synopsis. He will be your pillar of strength when speaking of the protection;

  • you Need to remember that the rules of the performance time limited. Your presentation should last less than 15 minutes. If it will last longer, it may well displease the state Commission, which you can just bore you with his story. Consistency, consistency, conciseness here 3 main principles of successful presentation of the material;
  • the Structure of your speech. Remember that your speech should be very strictly constructed. It is therefore very important, that in the speech were the following: thesis title, objectives and purpose of the research the main points and conclusions. Especially it is necessary to draw the Commission's attention to the research that you have conducted personally. The practical significance of the problem and the novelty will force the Commission to evaluate your diploma appreciated;
  • Handouts. If you will defend the thesis with the use of handouts, this will give you the opportunity to avoid unnecessary questions of the state Commission. A visual representation of the content of your speech will substantially increase the level of its assimilation by the members of the Commission. Figures, diagrams, tables, charts will make your diploma more structured and therefore more thoughtful.

the Report by the protection is 3 often 4 sheets of A4, printed in 14 font. Immediately after the report is often read out review with a recommended rating, and thereafter state Commission takes final discussion points.

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